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In what format are your designs available? TOP

We offer our designs in

  • Artista (ART)
  • Brother (PES)
  • Tajima (DST)
  • Melco (EXP)
  • Husqvarna/Viking (HUS)
  • Janome (JEF)
  • Singer (XXX)
  • Pfaff (PCS & VIP)

Is a Colour Chart accompanied with each set? TOP

Yes a color chart jpeg file is included with each design or set.

Do you manually punch your designs? TOP

Yes all our designs are manually punched to give the best quality design. We strive to provide high quality designs with minimal jumps.

Do you test stitch your designs? TOP

Yes all our designs are test stitched numerous times to assure best quality.

What payment options do you offer? TOP

We offer payment via Paypal.  You may use a credit card or cash in account.

In what currency do you sell your designs? TOP

We sell our designs in US dollars

How will I receive my designs? TOP

Your designs will be delivered by instant download. The moment your purchase has been successfully processed you will be directed to the download link. A download link will also be sent to the email address you provided during checkout.  You may also opt for delivery via CD.  There is a s/h charge for this.  Delivery within the U.S. is $2.50 and internationally the charge is $3.30.

How long will it take for me to receive them? TOP

The moment your purchase has been processed you will be directed to a page with a download link.  You will also, shortly thereafter, be sent an email with the link.   Some email servers have problems reading the download files, so we suggest that you download the designs immediate after your purchase has been processed. If for some reason your download link doesn't work please email us at eileendigi@gmail.com and we will send your designs as an attachment to the email.

What does my design set consist of? TOP

You will receive your embroidery designs in the format you selected before checkout as well as a color chart showing the design in color and the suggested threads used.

What do I need to do if I don't receive my designs? TOP

If for some reason you do not receive your design set/s, please email us at eileendigi@gmail.com

I sent you an email but haven't responded to it yet, why haven't you responded? TOP

We answer all our emails as soon as possible. Please allow at least 24 hours for response. Sometimes due to time zone difference it might take a little while for us to respond. Some email servers may see our email as spam, so we recommend that you check your junk folder to see if our response email may have ended up there. Ocassionally it's possible that we did not receive your email, or vice versa, please resend the email so we can assist you with any problem you're experiencing.

What must I do if my order is incorrect? TOP

If your order is incorrect, please email us  at eileendigi@gmail.com so we can send you the correct order.

Am I allowed do resize your designs? TOP

Yes, you may resize our designs, but we recomend not more than 25% of the original size. We do not take responsibility for any loss in quality in the designs after resizing.

What is your refund policy? TOP

Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer any refunds. We will provide you with technical support when needed. If you have any doubt that your hardware will support our designs you can download our free designs before purchasing. We can only guarantee the quality of the files and formats we provide.  After purchasing our designs you are resizing and converting the files at your own risk. We can not accept responsibility for loss in quality of resized images.

What are terms of use for your designs? TOP

Purchase of our designs is a license to use the designs and does not allow duplication in any form.  Changing (except to resize), duplicating, reselling (including any auctions), loaning, sharing in any way, or any transfer of the designs (including any of the free designs that may be offered from time to time) is a violation.

You may use our designs to produce items to sell, but no mass production in any way is allowed. Designs you obtained (free or purchased) can't be traded, shared, sold or combined in other design packs or given to friends.

How can I order your designs? TOP

At each design set you will see an order button and a drop down list with format selection. Each item added will bring you to your cart for review.  You may either checkout or continue shopping by clicking the "continue shopping" button on that page.  Once you are finished adding designs to your cart, select your form of delivery, either download, which is free of charge, or via CD with has a s/h charge, and then proceed through the guided checkout process.  When payment has been submitted and verified through Paypal, you will be redirected to a page with your download link if you have selected delivery via download.  If you have opted for a mailed CD, you will be rediirected to a confirmation page.  In either case you will also receive an email confirmation (with a link if download selected).

What do I do if the files are corrupted? TOP

Ocassionally files can become corrupted through transmission over the internet.  Simply email us at eileendigi@gmail.com and we will email your designs to you.

Why do the colours of the designs in my software are different from the pictures displayed in your website? TOP

Embroidery designs are created in a lot of different brands of embroidery programs.  When designs are converted from one format to another, thread colors used in the one format are sometimes not compatible with thread colors of another format. Colors shown in your embroidery design may sometimes vary a lot from the original image displayed on the website. It is absolutely normal. Follow the color charts supplied to see the actual image of the design as well as the correct colors that should be used.

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